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  • Save Water, Save Money

    Save Water, Save MoneyWater is the engine that drives your lush, beautiful lawn.  With Central Texas’ slow infiltration and shallow bedrock, it can seem like a near impossible endeavor.  Keeping your lawn healthy and green might seem like a lot of work, but there are some easy ways you can give your yard all the water it needs without draining your bank account.

    1. Timing is everything.  Make sure you are watering your lawn in the early morning. Watering your lawn in the heat of the afternoon can cause up to 30% of your water to evaporate, and that’s water that your lawn is not getting.
    2. Cycle & Soak. If you are noticing runoff with normal irrigation times, try a short duration watering cycle followed by a longer “soak” cycle. Watering in smaller time increments will allow our compacted clay soils to absorb more water.  Don’t forget, if you are using a timer system, make sure it is in tip top condition to avoid run-off, and consider adding a rain or soil moisture sensor so you don’t have to turn the system off if you get a lot of rain.
    3. Save some rain for another day.  Rain harvesting is an environmentally conscious option to consider.  Install a rain barrel to harvest rainwater for watering your landscape.  Collected water is free of many salts and chemicals present in most groundwater, so it is beneficial for your plants.  
    4. Don’t ignore your irrigation system.  Hire a professional to maintain your irrigation system so it functions optimally throughout the year.  Leaks or other problems in the system can cost you money you don’t even know you’re spending. A leak, even 1/32” in diameter, can result in more than 6,000 gallons of wasted water per year.  Because these leaks can be so small, you may not notice them, but a professional will be able to pinpoint these issues and solve them before your money is washed down the drain. 
    5. Never underestimate the power of mulching.  Keep root zones cooler and hold moisture by using an appropriate mulch for your yard.  When choosing a mulch, be sure to consult a professional to advise which mulch is the right one for your application.
    6. Give your soil an upgrade.  Consider a topdressing for your lawn.  Topdressing is a prepared soil mix that can be applied to the surface of your lawn to improve water, air and nutrient movement into your soil.  Bear in mind that topdressing should be applied by a professional since the practice can be detrimental if done improperly.

    Wasteful water usage is bad for the environment and your wallet.  Make sure you are taking steps to curb water waste while taking care of your lawn.  Contact Eco Irrigation and Landscaping if you need help saving money and water!

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  • Eco Lawn Care

    Why Is Hiring A Lawn Care Professional So Important?

    Eco Lawn CareAny homeowner knows the key to increasing the value of a home is proper maintenance.  Protecting your investment means making sure both the inside and outside of your home is maintained properly.  Curb appeal can go a long way in increasing or decreasing the value of your home, and has a significant effect on other homes in your neighborhood as well.  Professional lawn care service can save you time, money and increase the value of your property.

    Maintaining a beautiful landscape can be a large job for the average homeowner.  Making sure your flower beds and lawn are healthy can take a lot of time out of your day.  This is where you can benefit from a seasoned professional.


    There are many reasons you might want to hire a professional crew to maintain your landscape, here are our top 5!

    1. Your time is valuable, save some by hiring a pro! If you are like most homeowners, you spend your time at the office, enjoying hobbies or enjoying time with your family.  Since lawn care can take time out of your important schedule, let a lawn care professional handle the dirty work for you so you can spend more time doing what you love doing!
    2. Hiring a professional crew can actually save you money!  A professional lawn care service has already spent thousands of dollars to maintain your lawn with the proper equipment to give you a perfectly maintained yard.  Your lawn will always look beautiful because we make sure our blades are prepared to give you the perfect cut. Preventative care for your lawn means you won’t have to spend extra money on equipment you will only use once or twice a month, and you will have the confidence of knowing your lawn is being looked after by an educated team who will let you know about any issues they notice before they become major problems.
    3. Even the greenest thumbs sometimes need advice from professionals!  Professional lawn care teams know your lawn better than you do.  Lawn care is more than pulling weeds, mowing and edging. Our teams take pride in knowing the whole picture when it comes to lawn maintenance.  By hiring a professional team, you will get individualized analysis on what it will take to give your home the curb appeal you are looking for.
    4. Professionals know what grows best in your region!  Our crews know how to maintain regional grasses and plants.  Grass grows differently and has different maintenance needs in different areas, and our teams will know how to best care for your lawn and plants.
    5. Leave the hassle of storing supplies to us!  You won’t have to worry about long term storage of fertilizer, or any other supplies your lawn needs since we’ll be bringing that to your lawn when we need to.  

    Maintain your curb appeal, call us at (512) 778-9919 or fill out our contact form to get more information about our professional lawn care services today!

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